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"Mitch's book is an essential guide to being more productive in business - and in life."

Steve Case Founder of AOL, Chairman of Revolution

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Meet the author

Mitchell Harper

5x founder. Advisor and investor.

Mitchell Harper has launched 5 companies, generating over $200M in sales and raising $125M in venture capital. He has been featured by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Inc, FastCompany, Mashable, TechCrunch and Bloomberg.

He is a voracious learner and has always had an obsession with productivity, high performance and what makes people great. He is also an advisor, investor and coach to individuals and businesses with a focus on growth, performance, culture, psychology and leadership.

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"10 chapters of powerful lessons based on 15 years in the trenches. If you want to be a productivity machine, read this book."

Dan Pink Author of DRIVE

"A life-tested guide to being more productive."

Nir Eyal Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

"Mitch is one of the most successful and effective leaders I know. This book will teach you his strategies."

John McGrath CEO of McGrath Estate Agents

"Mitch is the O.G. of productivity. If you want this year to be your best yet, read his book. It's that simple."

David Cancel 5x Founder & Startup O.G.

"A masterclass in super productivity, taught by one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs."

Siimon Reynolds Entrepreneur & Executive Coach

"To achieve hyper growth, you've got to be hyper-productive. Mitch has this in spades and lays it all on the table in this must read (and apply) blueprint. It will change your life."

Casey Gollan Business Coach

Top highlights

"Before any goal setting or productivity system will work, though, you’ve got to have the right people on your team. That means the right leaders (if you own a company), the right partner (if you’re married), etc. Fix your people problems first otherwise they’ll slow you down massively. That lesson is hard to learn but easy to give."

Top Highlight From Chapter 1 - "Planning"

"Don’t believe the get-rich-quick gurus or the lose-20-pounds-tomorrow infomercials. They are outright lying to you. Nothing good happens without insane amounts of consistent, focused work."

Top Highlight From Chapter 2 - "10 Years"

"Progress beats the crap out of fear. Every. Single. Time."

Top Highlight From Chapter 5 - "Inner Voice"

"The key with large goals is to change your frame of reference and become short-term focused, so you make regular, measurable progress often."

Top Highlight From Chapter 6 - "Self Sabotage"

"Success starts with your own self perception. And if you don’t like yourself, that will negatively affect everything you do, making even a moderate level of success much more illusive."

Top Highlight From Chapter 8 - "Wellness"

Get the book free

Enter your email and share the book with two friends to get it.