Insane Growth Podcast Ep #10: 8 Lessons I Learned Starting a $100M/Year Company

Back in 2009 I co-founded my third company, BigCommerce. Last year BigCommerce did $100,000,000 USD in annual recurring revenue. In this episode of Insane Growth, I want to walk you through the 8 lessons I learned starting and scaling up the company.

We’ll look at the 4 biggest mistakes I made and then shift gears to focus on the 4 things I feel worked really well during my time running the company as co-CEO (2009-2015). I’m applying these exact lessons to the new SaaS company I’m currently building, too. You can listen below:

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About Mitchell Harper

Mitch is a 7x company founder, advisor and investor. He is best known as the co-founder of BigCommerce. His companies have generated over $200,000,000 in total revenue and he is currently building an online education company and a SaaS company.

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