“Unhappy” Revenue Will Make You Miserable

Not all revenue is created equally. Here’s why.

Have you ever signed up a new customer only to regret it later? The money that customer paid you is what I call “unhappy” revenue – and it can make you miserable if you’re not careful.

One lesson I’ve learned is that foregoing sales with certain customers is necessary if you want to build a business that makes you happy and excites you.

Sometimes that means “firing” existing customers who are the source of your unhappy revenue. You know the ones I mean – they call customer service every day. Are never happy with your products and always threaten to switch to a competitor.

In this video I’ll tell you why we literally turned off $6,000,000 in revenue and how we “turned it back on” over a 2 year period. The result? We were happy (again) and had customers that not only liked us, but we LOVED them.

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