How To Sell Without Selling

An alternative approach to grow revenue without a sales team.

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If you find sales hard or the idea of building a sales team makes you cringe, it turns out, there’s an alternative approach you can take to grow your revenue without building out a large, expensive sales team — and raising tens of millions of dollars to front load your sales expenses.

I call it the K.L.T.B. framework. It’s a simple framework which you can use to take customers along the journey of (K)nowing you, (L)iking you, (T)rusting you and then (B)uying from you.

It doesn’t require a sales team (just you and/or a few smart marketers) and is all about “reverse engineering” what your potential customers actually want — which is help solving a problem. It helps to always keep in mind that customers buy OUTCOMES, not products. And in most cases the outcome they want is to solve a problem.

So that’s what we need to do.

When I learned this framework it completely changed how I started to attract customers. Selling went from being painful to becoming a natural outcome that happened at the end of a very predictable “relationship building” process.
It would take me a few thousand words to explain the K.L.T.B. framework, so I’ve included a video instead. It’s only about 8 minutes and walks you through the entire framework with an example for a startup that sells fitness supplements online.

Watch the video above where I’ll walk you through it.

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