Release Your Brain’s “Happy Chemical” With Vision Stacking

A new strategy to motivate yourself and release dopamine in your brain first thing in the morning.

For the last few weeks I’ve been playing around with a process I call “vision stacking”. It’s a simple but extremely effective way to get yourself motivated, especially when you 1) feel lazy and 2) have a lot that you need to get done.

Our brain is constantly in search of a reward and when it finds a reward, it releases a chemical called dopamine, which makes us feel happy. The good news for us? We can “force” our brain to release tiny amounts of dopamine BEFORE we actually accomplish anything.

We can then use that dopamine to motivate ourselves to actually put in the work and get the real reward of completing something, no matter how hard it is.

In this video I’ll explain how I’ve been using vision stacking for the last few weeks to dramatically improve my motivation in the morning and how you can do the same thing.

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